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    Enid Blyton - Famous Five. IdentifierEnidBlytonFamousFive. Identifier-arkark:/ /t9w14qq OcrABBYY FineReader Ppi The Famous Five is the name of a series of children's adventure novels written by English author Enid Blyton. The first book, Five on a Treasure Island, was. Five Have Plenty of Fun (Famous Five). Home · Five Have Plenty of Fun (Famous Five) the button below! Report copyright / DMCA form · DOWNLOAD EPUB.

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    Famous Five: Five Go Adventuring Again: Book 2 by Enid Blyton. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog find excitement and adventure wherever they go in Enid Blytons most popular series. Five Go to Smugglers Top . Notable series include: The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, The Five Find- Outers, Noddy, The Wishing Chair, Mallory Towers, and St. Clare's.

    Switch to English sign up. Phone or email. Don't remember me. Larisa Caramavrov. All posts Larisa Caramavrov pinned post 22 Jul Thanks to Capt. It is only through the friendship of two other girls, her own resolute nature, and some astonishing luck that Sara eventually finds her way back to happiness. Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett. A Little Princess Part 1 of 4. A Little Princess Part 2 of 4. A Little Princess Part 3 of 4.

    Five on a Hike Together: Dick is awoken by a light flashing through his window — is someone trying to send him a coded message? The castle looked deserted from a distance — but is that a face at the window?

    Or is it a trick of the light? The Famous Five just have to find out! Just who is hiding in the castle? Someone is flashing lights from the old tower on wild and stormy nights. Who can it be? The Famous Five are the only ones who can protect her — but will they take on dangerous criminals to help out a stranger? Five on a Secret Trail: The Famous Five are camping out near an old ruined cottage — but is the cottage really abandoned?

    Then they see the ghostly lights… But when he disappears with top secret equipment, the Five begin to wonder if their new friend could be a spy, or worse, a traitor.

    Whatever his motives, the gang feel duty-bound to investigate… Have the gang got the courage to go close enough to the house to find out..? The Famous Five are determined to find them — and whatever is hidden in them — but they are not alone. In the first book of the series, George's parents forbid her to keep Timmy and George is forced to hide him.

    After the end of their first adventure, they relent and she is allowed to keep him. Jo, the gypsy girl: First appears in "Five fall into adventure" and in several others. The first adventure finds her in an abusive relationship with her father, but when he is sent to prison she is fostered.

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    She has the only romantic interest in the books, being obviously attracted to Dick. He had hit her when they first met, believing her to be a boy - and was later mortified. She immediately liked him. Fanny Kirrin: George's mother, and aunt to Dick, Julian and Anne.

    Aunt Fanny is married to Uncle Quentin, and is, through most of Blyton's Famous Five novels, the principal maternal figure in the lives of the children. Julian, Dick and Anne's parents are very rarely seen, and rarely even mentioned, as most of their adventures take place on school holidays while visiting the village of Kirrin.

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    And who else is trying to get hold of it? A new puzzle for the Five Find-Outers and Dog to solve! The Mystery of Holly Lane Money has been stolen from a bungalow called Hollies, and now all the furniture has gone too!

    Who could the thief possibly be? As usual the Five Find-Outers and Dog are hot on the trail Have the Lorenzos gone for good? Could the Larkins of Tally-Ho Cottage be to blame?

    The Five Find-Outers and Dog are soon on the thief's trail The Mystery of the Missing Man A dangerous criminal is on the run—and he is also the master of disguise! Could it be Mr Tolling? Or do the Fangio twins know the culprit's real indentity?

    The Five Find-Outers and Dog aim to find out The Mystery of the Strange Messages Who is responsible for the strange messages that keep turning up up for Mr Goon? Fatty and the gang are determined to find out. The Mystery of Banshee Towers Wailing banshees are not the only mystery at Banshee Towers—it hides other secrets too! Does the turnstile man or the owner know anything about them? Buster and Bingo—as well as the Five Find-Outers—are hot on the trail.

    The Secret Series Jack, Peggy, Nora and Mike are four children who, in their first adventure together, run away from strict guardians after their parents are thought to have been killed in a place crash. The children make way for a secret island on their huge expanse of property, and together they make a new home constructed with the branches of a willow tree.

    The much-loved "living house" is just one of the highlights of the first book, The Secret Island, which was originally written as a serial and, in , published as a full length novel one of her earliest, preceding all the Famous Five, Mystery, Adventure, Secret Seven, and school books to come.

    They build a willow-tree house, make their beds of heather and bracken, and grow their own vegetables. And Jack even manages to bring his cow, Daisy, and some hens to the island for fresh milk and eggs every day! But one day invaders come to the secret island And when they find out that a kidnapped prince is being held captive in the old house above the caves, they're in the grips of another adventure!

    The boys attempt to free the prince in the dead of the night—but Mike is caught and he, too, is taken prisoner Yet they mustn't give it up because Captain and Mrs Arnold have been kidnapped and taken to the Secret Mountain.

    But where is the mountain? And who are the strange red-haired people who live there? Their rescue expedition seems destined to fail, until they meet young Mafumu They go to Prince Paul's magnificent castle at Killimooin, high up in the mountains of Baronia. Little do they suspect that these mountains hold a dangerous band of robbers who are intent on capturing them and Prince Paul! The Secret of Moon Castle "It's old walls could tell tales of violence and mystery"—that's how Moon Castle was described.

    But what weird things happen—musical instruments play by themselves, books leap off the shelves, and pins and needles attack the children!

    What secret does the castle hide? The Adventure Series The Adventure Series features Jack, Philip, Dinah, and Lucy-Ann, a group of children who, together with their pet Kiki the parrot, get snarled up in the most amazing adventures you can imagine.

    They seem to be an adventure magnet, because they always seem to land right in the middle of it all despite their best efforts to have "a quiet holiday" Each adventure takes place in a remote setting — an island off the coast; a castle on a hill in Scotland; a valley in a distant, deserted land; more islands of the coast; a mountain in Wales; a ship cruising around the Greek islands; a circus in the country of Tauri-Hessia; and finally a river in a faraway, ancient land.

    The Island of Adventure For Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack, the holiday in Cornwall is everything they'd hoped for—until they begin to realize that something very sinister is taking place on the mysterious Isle of Gloom. But they're not prepared for the dangerous adventure that awaits them in the abandoned copper mines and secret tunnels beneath the sea The Castle of Adventure What is the secret of the old castle on the hill, and why are the locals so afraid of it? When flashing lights are seen in a distant tower, Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack decide to investigate—and discover a very sinister plot concealed within its hidden rooms and gloomy underground passages.

    The Valley of Adventure Nothing could be more exciting than a night flight on Bill's plane! But Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack soon find themselves flying straight into a truly amazing adventure. What has happened to Bill? Who are the two strange pilots, and what is the secret treasure hidden in the lonely valley where the children land?

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    The Sea of Adventure When Bill takes Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack on a mysterious trip to the desolate northern isles, everything looks sets for an exciting time. But then Bill is kidnapped and the children, marooned far from the mainland, find themselves playing a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with an unknown enemy. The Mountain of Adventure Mrs Mannering thinks that a peaceful holiday in the Welsh mountains couldn't possibly land the children in another dangerous adventure.

    How wrong she is! Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack are soon up to their necks in the mystery of a rumbling mountain, roaming wolves, and a mad genious who plans to rule the world. The Ship of Adventure All aboard for a quiet cruise among the Greek islands!

    But when Philip's pet monkey breaks a birthday present, Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack are plunged into an exciting quest to find the lost treasure of the Andra—with some ruthless villains hot on their trail. The Circus of Adventure Why on earth did Bill have to bring the wimpish Gustavus with them on holiday? Neither Jack nor Kiki the parrot like the boy at all. But when Gustavus is kidnapped, along with Philip, Dinah, and Lucy-Ann, Jack must bravely follow them to a faraway country and unravel a plot to kill the king.

    An adventure it certainly is, especially when Bill disappears and the children, along with Kiki the parrot, are trapped beneath a forgotten temple where no one has set foot for 7, years. The Secret Seven The Secret Seven are a secret society who hold regular meetings and organize things to do, whether it's helping the community in some way, solving mysteries that turn up, or just having fun playing Red Indians in the woods.

    The Seven have a secret password, a badge, and a secret headquarters in a garden shed. They are joined by their golden spaniel, Scamper. The society was actually formed in a short story prior to the first book in this series. Peter enforces the rules and delegates tasks for the members. The Seven investigate mysteries by shadowing, interviewing and, most importantly, looking for clues. The Seven tackle all sorts of mysteries from missing dogs to mail robbery, and always come out on top.

    The Secret Seven In this, the Seven's first adventure together, Jack's adventure on a snowy night leads them to an old house, a deaf caretaker, and a thrilling mystery! But what is the secret of the lions, and what did old One-Leg William have to do with the burglary? But after meeting a dirty boy and his kitten, can they put their collection of strange clues together and solve the mystery before it's too late? But when the boys end up at a rail yard on a dark, foggy November night, things really get dangerous!

    Go Ahead Secret Seven A little shadowing practice puts the Seven on the trail of a man who apparently shoves dogs down a coal hole. Who is waiting below, and what is happening to the valuable dogs?

    But rather than feel sorry for themselves, the Seven investigate—and keep watch on the mysterious Sid's Place. And what on earth is Q? Secret Seven Win Through The Seven are evicted from their shed while it is painted, and find a glorious new meeting place—a cave! But when there is a strange intruder, a mystery begins—who is Albert Tanner, and what is the excitement surrounding the scarecrow? Secret Seven Mystery When a schoolgirl is reported missing the Seven begin their search, with Susie hindering them at every turn.

    Where is Elizabeth Sonning, and who stole the money from her school? Puzzle for the Secret Seven The Seven witness a house fire, and help the family in need to rebuild their lives—but who stole a valuable violin, and what is making the baffling wailing noises on the hills at night? But surely Susie wouldn't really steal their guy's clothes and firework money?

    And who are the nasty looking men lurking in the hut on Peter's farm?

    Good Old Secret Seven Jack's new telescope promised hours of fun until Susie claimed her half share. Look Out Secret Seven Medals belonging to a kindly old General have gone missing, and Colin promises to find them—but what can they do when there are no clues and the police are baffled? Fun for the Secret Seven Poor old Tolly and his horse have been treated badly, and the Seven are determined to help. But when horse thieves strike, they must protect Peter and Janet's beloved horses as well as Tolly.

    Malory Towers Malory Towers is a boarding school for girls in Cornwall. Enid Blyton wrote six books for this series between and The heroine is Darrell Rivers, who enters the school in the first form and becomes head girl when she is in the sixth. But of course it's not all plain sailing for Darrell and her friends!

    Malory Towers has six forms, from the first to the sixth, and four house towers—North, South, East and West. There are about forty girls in each form, divided among the four houses. Darrell and Co are in North Tower, where most of the action takes place, and where the girls try not to run foul of strict housemistress Miss Potts, or the equally strict Matron.

    It's fantastic - but huge.


    How is she gong to remember everyone's name, let alone find her way around? And will she ever have a special friend of her own? Mam'zelle Dupont is still trying to be strict, Alicia plays a trick with invisible chalk and Gwendoline and Daphne get into trouble. Third Year at Malory Towers The girls return for another term to find several new faces in their form.

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