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    Title: Dav20 vampire the dark ages 20th anniversary core rulebook master ygor edition, Author: Fernando Luiz Vieira Ferreira, Name: Dav Vampire: The Dark Ages (20th Anniversary Edition) · Vampire: The Dark Ages · Storyteller. Nickname. PDF version Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.). Dark Ages, , KB. file file, Vampire the Dark Ages 20th Anniversary - Core, , KB.

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    Vampire Dark Ages 20th Pdf

    Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages - It's The Mongol army PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Premium). $ $ Items 1 - 12 of 12 Here's what the Vampire 20th Anniversary: The Dark Ages Storyteller's Screen includes: A full-color collage of selected beautiful clan art from. Price: Print: $ PDF: $ Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages is a storytelling game of horrific power. Featuring 13 clans and

    The Dark Ages: Thanks for all of your support this year and stay tuned for more World of Darkness adventure in ! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. See more of Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now.

    However, totally overlooking real world also shouldn't be encouraged because it will ruin a lot fun of V20 dark age. Ben W April 22, 6: Thankfully this isn't Historical Re-enactment: The Game, so people thinking that they need a Unicorn Land dictionary may also realize that nothing in a game text will ever be one-to-one with the real world; hell, you can throw most history texts in there as well.

    The following review was originally published in Mephisto 64 and translated from German find orignal German review below. Katriel P. I liked the PDF so much of this, I bought the deluxe hardcover edition later. I was in a game that took place in the s and went on to modern day, and having a lot of the lore and continuity here helped me even though we ended up homebrewing a lot [ Elizabeth M.

    This was just what I needed.

    I'm getting into the Dark Ages with my gaming group. This was on sale randomly right around when I needed to pick up a copy. The art is amazing. The layout? Beautiful and perfect. It's such an easy read. Jean M. Simply amazing! I bought the standard version, but I feared that it would not have a good quality, thanks God I was wrong.

    If this is the quality of the standard version, so the Premiun version is a masterpiece sent from Heaven. Incredible quality, cov [ Jean C. This book brings to you all you need to run an excellent dark ages vampire campaign. The collection of clans, bloodlines and disciplines is wide and coherent. The scenario is well described and sufficient to support the storyteller imagination. See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale. Rule System.

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    Vampire: The Dark Ages

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    File Last Updated:. Publisher Average Rating. See All Reviews. When the power ends, the vampire displays nervous ticks and behaviors similar to those of the animal for a number of nights equal to the number of successes made on the activation. They can shake these for a willpower point. Level Five — Unleash the Beast: The vampire forces their beast from their body and pushes it into the body of a vampire or mortal.

    If the vampire fails the activation, the vampire enters frenzy. If they get one success on the activation, the beast possesses a random bystander, on two the user is stunned but the transference is successful, and on three or more the beast is transferred without incident for the user. The victim, if a vampire, their difficulty to resist frenzy is up by 2 and if they are a mortal, they now have a Beast like a vampire.

    Dominate Dominate is essentially the vampire mesmerism power of legend. A vampire, by making eye contact, can force their will upon a target and force them to do what they command. The vampire can use gestures or imagery but I would argue the ST has to determine how well the target understands. The number of successes determines how successful the command will be interpreted. Indirectly harmful and conflicting commands are more difficult. Level Two — Subjugation: This is the advanced version of Command.

    The vampire can choose when they act on the directions. You pretty much get your own Manchurian Cadidate but they will remember the process until… Level Three — The Forgetful Mind: The vampire can remove memories and replace them with ones of their creation. The more thorough and precise the vampire is, the more effective the rewriting is. The more successes you get, the more memories you can alter. A vampire can also see the signs of use of Forgetful Mind with this power as well.

    Once under the effects of conditioning, the target can be Dominated by the user without eye contact and the user is at -2 difficulty to use these powers against them. The more successes the user gets, the more disciplines they can use in their new body. Like with Animalism, 5 successes lets the vampire use all of them. If the original body of the user is destroyed, they can remain in the host body but must test to stay in the body every sunrise.

    If they fail this test and their body is gone, their soul is lost in the astral plane. The vampire can also use their Fortitude level in dice to soak aggravated damage, which vampires normally cannot soak and mortals can never soak. Once per turn they can spend a blood to automatically soak their Fortitude rating in damage, including aggravated damage that is not from fire or sunlight.

    Obtenebration Obtenebration is the control and shaping of shadows. Ancient Lasombra believe it draws on a primal being, such as Ahriman from Zoroastrianism. Others believe that is draws from a realm of shadows, such as the Hell of the Abrahamic faiths or the Tartarus of Ancient Greece or Roman. The power, regardless of its origins, is terrifying and unnerving, defying explanation and natural law.

    Level One — Shadow Play: The user can move and control existent shadows, they cannot create them with this power. The shadows can be moved from their original sources as well. These shadows can be used to improve social rolls, making the target dramatic or intimidating, or to help stealth rolls. Level Two — Nocturne: The vampire can summon a cloud of darkness that engulfs an area and blocks out light.

    The cloud is 10 feet in diameter and can be created within 50 yards of the user. The creator has to concentrate on it as well or it disappears once their concentration is broken. Perception checks receive a steep penalty but uses of supernatural sight powers, Auspex or Protean, and the Darksight merit reduce this. The cloud, a breach from the Abyss, saps two from Stamina pools and if this reduces a mortal to zero, they suffocate. Level Three — Arms of Ahriman: The vampire creates tentacles of darkness that they can wield and manipulate as though they are appendages.

    The character can create one, six foot tentacle per success that must originate from a source of darkness within 20 feet of the caster.

    The tentacles share the Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina of the user and can be made stronger or longer by spending blood. Level Four — Nightshades: The vampire can create shapes and illusions out of shadow. Each success can create a human sized illusion or can be pooled for a big one. The user can alternatively show the onlookers the Abyss and its denizens, casing fear in those without Obtenebration, lowering all their dice pools by 2 and initiative by 3.

    Level Five — Tenebrous Avatar: The vampire can become an avatar of the Abyss after spending 3 blood points and spending 3 turns transforming. The vampire cannot deal or receive physical damage but can summon the Arms of Ahriman from themselves for a blood point.

    If the target is a mortal, they are smothered if their stamina is reduced to 0. This is a level 5 power and the max Stamina for a mortal is 5, you do the math. The vampire, once becoming darkness, destroyer of worlds, takes twice as much damage from sunlight and fire and 1 to the difficulty of Rotschreck tests.

    Unsurprisingly, beings of darkness from the darkness Hell dimension hate fire and sunlight. Potence Each dot of Potence adds one die to all Strength-based dice pools. This also translates over to damage rolls in hand to hand combat. This power has a lot of utility and can be pretty powerful at higher levels. Protean This is a transformative power that focuses on the user, unlike Vicissitude, and allows them to take on qualities of their beast.

    That means things like cloaks, swords, or large packs are going to get left behind. This power lowers dice pools for social rolls with mortals, obviously because you are a satan, but raises dice pools for intimidation. Level Two — Feral Weapons: The vampire can reflexively push talon like claws through their hands, feet, or even from their head or face as horns or tusks.

    This can be combined with Potence by the way if you can afford to use both at once. I would also rule that fine manipulation is impossible because you have unwieldy monster claws. Level Three — Earth Meld: The vampire can merge with the soil after spending a blood point and a turn becoming one with the earth.

    The vampire can sense danger and rolls their Road rating to arise and deal with the threat. Digging out the vampire requires a five success strength roll and the vampire will awaken, angry and ready. The process takes three turns. The rules for a wolf, bat, and rat are presented. The wolf and rat can do aggravated damage but their strength is reduced to that of their form.

    Level Five — Lurking Mists: The vampire can spend a blood point and turn into a cloud of mist.

    This transformation takes three turns and allows a vampire to move through cracks and move across the narrowest of ledges. Only aggravated damage can harm the vampire but fire and sunlight do one less die of damage. The level of rituals you can do is capped by your highest ranks in either, up to level of 8.

    Most view Obtenebration as a tool and not something to study further. These rituals also involve communing with a Hell dimension so most religious Lasombra avoid it for that reason and those on a Road other than the Road of the Abyss quickly give in to their beast due to studying the Abyss. Using these rituals marks the users and can confer Flaws on the user because again, you are tampering with a Hell dimension.

    No seriously, this is where God sent the fallen angels as revealed in Demon the Fallen. Level One — Pierce the Veil: The caster conjures a ball of darkness they look into that gives them the Darksight merit. If they fail, nothing happens, if they both, the effect becomes permanent and they gain it as a flaw.

    Level One — Eyes of the Abyss: The caster summons Abyss elementals through a ritual where they crush a bare flame with their hands, not that easy for vampires. Once they succeed the Rotschreck test and the Occult test, they summon a tiny Abyss elemental. The elemental is incorporeal and obeys all commands. On a botch, the derangement is permanent. The elemental ca fly 30 yards per turn but is instantly destroyed by fire or sunlight. A level two version, Talons of the Abyss, exists and is the same but the shadow elementals can interact with corporeal world and attack.

    Level Two — Subsume the Darkness: The user meditates on the Abyss for a full turn and calls upon it to heal any damage they have. A both causes one level of aggravated damage. Each success allows the vampire to heal 2 levels of lethal damage or 4 bashing with a blood expenditure, about double healing, and ignoring generation limits.

    The Abyss in turn consumes blood the vampire gains from feeding until it has been paid back the difference in healing costs.

    Review – Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition

    This hampers their Perception and Courage rolls. Level Three — Calling the Hungry Shade: The caster paints a circle in their own blood and summons a hungry shade. The shade is the size of an adult human, has the same rating in Obtenebration of the caster and any other disciplines the caster knows equal to their Obtenebration levels.

    If the ritual is botched, the shade attacks the summoner. When summoning it, they choose how much blood they invest in it, and it will reflexively protect the user from ambush. The eye will spend one blood to automatically react to the surprise and summon and Arm of Ahriman that can act immediately. The user can expend more blood traits from the Eye to summon more.

    Once all the blood is expended, the eye dissipates. Level Four — Reflections of Hollow Revelation: The mystic summons a Nocturne, the suffocating shadow cloud, and shapes it into a scrying orb.

    With it, the mystic can look upon one object, place, or person that they have personally witnessed. This lasts a scene or until the target leaves the vicinity. This requires concentration and makes the caster less aware of their surroundings. Characters with Obtenebration or Auspex have a chance to notice someone or something watching them from the shadows. The caster then swallows the Nocturne and goes into torpor as their consciousness goes to the Abyss.

    Each roll takes place over a night and if the caster fails a roll, the gap between nights gets longer and longer. The caster, when returned to their body, is forever tainted by the Abyss. This is not cumulative so you can do it multiple times and not accrue more penalties. The next post in this review will cover the Cappadocians and Necromancy. A guide how to build a character for a V20 Dark Ages chronicle. A list of the various discipline powers used by Cainites. Noteworthy for including several alterations to the standard disciplines that are used as a guideline, featuring a new take on Koldunic Sorcery and introducing a three-path system for disciplines like Valeren and Quietus.

    Systems for the use of combat, blood pool mechanics, Frenzy , derangements , and many more. An overview over the political situation in two specific areas around Italy and Eastern Europe. A list of Merits and Flaws. Secret knowledge about the Clans, including alternate Roads, secret societies, informations about their past, as well as an alternate history where the Salubri were not exterminated, but joined the Sabbat as a full Clan. Sign In Don't have an account?

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